Everything We Do Matters...

It's true.

The reality is, our modern day lives and lifestyles are having a negative effect on just about everything and the imbalance and inequalities that exist throughout the world are growing ever wider and we are fast running out of time...

However, waving a placard proclaiming, ‘that we are all going to die’ or, that there is #noplanetb for example, is not helping. Unfortunately protest, no matter in what form, only serves to divide us ! And, it certainly doesn’t help us save the glaciers or find solutions to the many challenges we face.

Perhaps, protestors, should consider holding a placard or banner displaying something useful, after all, a positive message may just trigger a change in behaviour, and that, has the power to not just do good, but unite us.

So if you are looking to take to the streets, or are looking to create a placard designed to do good, then perhaps you could consider slogans, that give people an opportunity to take positive action.

How about...

Turn Your Lights Off 

Reduce Emissions 

+ Save The Glaciers! 

Make A Difference

Reduce Waste

Love Your Leftovers

Bin Your Butt!

Save Our Oceans...

"The future we need, starts, when we take a positive approach to problem solving."

There is no place for the self serving, the underhand, the negative or the preach, we need people across the world to give a damn, to acknowledge that we are all in this together and recognise that we can make a positive contribution and create a more just and more sustainable world that works to protect people, place and planet.

Time has come for us all to consider what is important to us, and understand that we can no longer measure success or indeed happiness by the size of our TV screens, bank account or car.

We are not talking about banning the supermarket, knitting our own pasta or living in the dark, but we are talking about taking responsibility for our actions, so that we protect the environment, respect our oceans, waterways and seas, save our forests, restore our land, conserve our vital freshwater supplies, care for our wildlife and value each other, so that we can continue to live our lives whilst ensuring that we do not rob others of the opportunity to live theirs - for all life has equal value.

So, what will you do today.?

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