5 Ways To Reduce Your Impact

The future really is in our hands, and we all have the opportunity to do something that will help us reduce the amount of pressure we are putting on the Earth.

So why not look at our top tips and see what you can do to make a difference, don't forget if you enjoy what you read then please feel free to share.

1: WALK MORE - It may sound like old hat, but we really do need to put down our car keys and walk more, not only is it better for our health, it will reduce the amount of harmful emissions that come from our cars, improve the air quality in our towns and cities and reduce congestion helping to create cleaner, safer communities that are better for our health and well being.

Don’t forget, ride the bus, cycle, walk and let the train take the strain whenever you can.

Unfortunately the volume of emissions that come from transport* are wreaking havoc on the planet, and one of the worst culprits is flying. So, why not fly less and take time to discover where you live, and if you do fly you need to consider planting some trees to offset some of the carbon that your journey creates. Carbon offsetting is not perfect, but by recognising the damage flying does, and offsetting against it, we will be making a positive contribution to the environment. And we can do more, by ensuring that our gardens and outside spaces become wildlife havens, just ask me how.

2: WASTE LESS: Yes, the more we waste the more we accelerate the effects of climate change… Unbelievably, food waste when it rots creates methane, a gas that is 23 times more damaging to the planet than CO2, and that is really bad news for the planet. The problem is, however, that we currently waste almost 1/3 of the food we produce and to make matters worse, almost half of it could be eaten… and this has to stop.

So, we need to buy local, buy fresh and buy loose. Have a cupboard makeover and reorganise our pantries and lives, and always check what’s in the fridge before we head out to the shops.We can reduce the amount of pre-packaged, convenient and ready-made food that we buy, we can cook more, learn to love our leftovers, compost if you can, and we can all look to reduce the amount of meat we eat. So, whether we opt to do a #meatfreemonday, or look at going vegan or meat free three or four days a week, we can all make a huge difference. If you would like some help with some, uber easy uber tasty, recipe ideas, look out for my post.

3: GET ENERGY SMART: Improving the energy efficiency and energy performance of our homes and buildings is vital, in our fight to reduce GHG emissions. So let’s get energy-wise. Our homes and buildings are responsible for +28% of global carbon emissions, so, by becoming energy smart we will significantly lower the impact we are having on the world, and reducing the emissions from our homes will help save the glaciers because everything we do locally has a huge impact globally…

We can start by taking time to unplug, turn off, turn down and say hasta la vista to standby. Only wash when we have a full load, only boil the water we need, and heat our homes only when we are at home! And if your appliances are 10 years old or more, it is time to replace them with energy-efficient ones, as these will make a big difference, not just, to the planet but to your pocket too. Draw your curtains and don’t forget to insulate your loft. Watch out for my top tips to greener living…

4: GET PLASTIC WISE: Another thing we can all do, is get plastic wise. Reducing the amount of plastic we use in our daily lives will make a huge difference to the health and well being of everything.

And that means we need to say no to bottled water. Why not save yourself a fortune and buy a water filter, and don’t forget to take a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go. Imagine how much money we could all save too. We can say no to cling film, as it is bad news for our health and is a disaster for the planet. If you, like millions of us have a packed lunch, then say no to the pre-packaged sandwich of old and buy a super cool lunch box and make your own. Ditch the plastic razor, wave goodbye to the plastic scourers, replace your plastic toothbrushes with bamboo alternatives, say hello to the lovely shampoo bars, natural soaps and deodorants’. We can ditch the straw, change our t-bags! Buy fresh, buy local and ditch the gum! For more handy hints watch out for my uber cool shopping guide.

5: GET INVOLVED: It may sound obvious, but if you want to make a difference, you need to get involved. Getting involved in our local community is not just good for us, it will help us to create much better places and spaces that will help us transform our world.

If we have time on our hands we can volunteer. Volunteering is not just about working in a local charity store, it can be about helping a neighbour, mentoring someone who might need a helping hand, cleaning our parks, beaches, streets and waterways or helping to create community gardens or wildlife spaces. We can fundraise, host a fashion swap, we can donate, bake, walk or cycle but whatever we do, do something good. Working in our local community will help us create ‘better’, more inclusive neighbourhoods, and places where people feel valued and want to live, play and work. In doing so, we will help to reduce the very modern problem of social isolation, as although we live in a truly connected world, social isolation is not just something for the old, loneliness is endemic, and that is not good for any of us. So be that start of a new conversation and be the change.

In fact, we all need to reduce, refuse, reuse, repair, rethink, regift, repurpose, recover and recycle…

*When referring to emissions from transport, it is important to realise that there are both long-lived emissions like CO2 that stay in the atmosphere for a long period of time and short-lived ‘black’ emissions that come primarily from diesel cars these, are incredibly damaging to the atmosphere but only exist for a period of a few weeks. It is also worth noting, that the largest transport contributor comes mainly from cars…

So what will you do today to make a difference to the world tomorrow?

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