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Working with the global goals

About Us...

"Education must do more than produce individuals who can read, write and count. It must nurture global citizens who can rise to the challenges of the 21st century."
Ban Ki Moon

Because Together We Can

We believe that with a greater 'understanding' of the world, you will have the knowledge you need to help you rise to the challenges of the 21st century.
All of the ONEWORLD resources have been created to inspire positive change so that we can create a kinder, more just and more sustainable future not just for ourselves, but for mankind.
And, the great thing is, that no matter who you are or where you live, you all have an opportunity to do great things. 
So what are you waiting for...


What is it that fuels each and every one of us in this world?

For me, it is knowledge for with knowledge we have the opportunity to make change happen...

Why not join me and the team as we embark on a journey to help you discover more about the things that matter.

Learn about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) what they mean, how we are all interconnected and why they matter, discover more about what climate change is, what it really means,  and what you can do to make a positive difference to the world.

But most of all get involved, upload, share, subscribe, write or chat, the choice is yours and I look forward to collaborating with you.
Christine Farrell - Founder.

Christine Farrell


After writing about climate change, sustainability and the world for over 15 years I decided to use my knowledge, understanding and skills to inform and inspire young people in the belief that if we want to secure change, our youth need a far great understanding of the world and that requires a joined-up and solutions led approach to climate education. 

Roy Ferguson

Creative Director

Turning the ordinary into something extraordinary is what creative director Roy Ferguson does everyday. Bringing  over 35 years of design and business acumen to support the aims of the ONEWORLD club.

Aarief Hussain

Aarief is a professional photographer

Aarief photographs indigenous people and the stunning landscapes where they live. Based in Singapore Aarief runs incredible photographic expeditions and you can contact him on his email aarief@aarief.com

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